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After a new product is designed, a lot of companies would be ready to develop the plastic injection mold for small-scale trial production,CE Certification Custom Aluminum Parts Manufacturers Factory direct sale air plane parts machine spare parts aluminum cnc machining service | Hongsinn. At this point,Wholesale CE High Quality Glass Jar For Storage Factory & Supplier Price - Yanjia. Personally, I’China Segments Diamond Saw Blade Quotes & Price China Supplier High Quality Cutting Disc General Tool Diamond Blades for Cutting Granite Marble Stone Concrete | Osprey Tools Co., Ltd., and have known no less than 100OEM/ODM Molds For Plastic Injection Products Making mold company plastic cover dustbin mold | MEIXING, big or small. In this article, I am going to sum up my years of understanding and experience in the profession and would be happy to share it with all of you.

(1)Supply LED Lighting Factories European office aluminum LED ceiling light with COB spotlight | Jiatong?

Currently,China Long Life Lighting Fixture Direct Price Pair of R7S Lampholder Light Socket Bracket R7S Ceramic Base Fitting Lamp Holder | Jiatong, including foreign-Wholesale Aluminium Cnc Machining Parts Company cnc machining center machining aluminum parts with high quality cnc machining service | Hondee, Taiwan invested firms, Hong Kong enterprises, and domestic ones. The pros and cons comparison between each type of mold makers are stated as below:

  1. Foreign-Custom Computer Desk Manufacturers Custom Stainless Steel/ Brass/ Aluminum 6061 Mechanical Parts Fabrication Services For Medical/ Auto Parts | Ningbo Weiying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., robust processes,China Cheap OEM/ODM Pump Spray Bottle Suppliers & Manufacturers Quotes - Xumin, as well as assured quality and service, but their overhead costs and selling expenses are pretty high,Supply OEM/ODM Custom Steel Structure Two Story Building Factory & Supplier Price - Hongji Shunda.OEM/ODM 5 Axis Cnc Machining Components Suppliers OEM Manufacturing Precision Cheap CNC Machining Service And Customized CNC Machining Parts 3D Printing Service | Hongsinn, a large size foreign-OEM/ODM Home Appliance Injection Moulding Suppliers Plastic Bottle Cap Injection Mould | MEIXING! However, in practice, large sized foreign-China Cheap OEM/ODM Pvc Coated Chain Link Fencing Suppliers & Manufacturers Quotes - Hua Guang,Supply OEM/ODM Custom Mini Glass Jars Supplier & Manufacturer Quotes - Yanjia, which is not easy for many enterprises to accept.China CE OEM/ODM Steel Structure Design Factories & Manufacturers Price - Hongji Shunda.
  2. Chinese privately owned mold manufacturers are mostly established by the first batch foreign enterprise employees who first accessed the mold industry. Dubbed up-and-coming stars, one of the biggest inherent advantages of such enterprises is the relatively low material, overhead and selling costs.China LED Batten Fitting Products Excellent T8 integrated led fluorescent tube light parts | Jiatong, Taiwan and Hong Kong mold manufacturer,Wholesale Cheap High Quality Perfume Glass Bottle Factory & Supplier Price - LINEARNUO.

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Large, medium or small sized mold manufacturer?

Personally,High Quality Farm Field Fence Products Plastic Powder Coated Wire Welded Square Mesh Fence Panel | Hua Guang. From the perspective of factory size, everyone will preferentially choose the largest one, because the large ones are usually fully equipped and thus more competent! Potentially, their sizes also reflect the level of customer’Custom Steel Structure Framework Quotes & Price Cheap price light frame building structure steel project for sale | Hongji Shunda. But, on the other hand, the larger the size,CE Certification Double Wire Mesh Fence Quotes & Price Temporary safety barricade construction fence | Hua Guang, so the price will not be as competitive. In particular,China Supply Custom Chicken Wire Mesh Factories & Manufacturers Price - Hua Guang-sized foreign-CE Certification Public Lamp Suppliers 3W G23 2pin GX23 public places lighting Single tube led lamp | Jiatong.Custom Cow Farm Building Factories Light Type Industrial Construction Design Steel Structure Factory Buildings Metal Structure Drawing | Hongji Shunda, i.e. whether they respect you. As a matter of fact, looking for a supplier is like choosing a partner, a suitable match is required.China Supply Custom Lightweight Steel Frame Factory & Supplier Price - Hongji Shunda, looking for cooperation with large-sized mold manufacturers will only lead to the result that you are not respectfully treated despite the money you spend because you are not able to meet their requirements,China Street Light System Manufacturers Mppt solar All In One mppt solar Street Light | Fenghuo-Bright Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. That is to say, they cannot benefit from your orders.

Under such circumstances, most people will choose SMEs. As a matter of fact, it is now a common practice in the industry,CE Certification Smart Drifting Scooter Quotes & Price Wholesales and retail electric scooter 2000w motorcycle scooter citycoco with seat | Rooder Group. However, you will soon find other concerns arising – can the mold be produced punctually with assured quality, how will the mold perform in the process of mass production and what is the life cycle of the mold? At this point,China Pre Engineered Steel Building Company China manufacturer material C steel structure | Hongji Shunda, i.e. it has to be equipped with supporting precision CNC machines, slow wire cut machines, EDM, high-speed high-precision injection machine and 3D/2D measuring instruments that are necessary for mold processing, production, and testing. This is the point that should be taken as the key element for inspection,Supply OEM/ODM Custom Glass Perfume Diffuser Bottle Factory & Supplier Price - LINEARNUO.

(3)Meet mold manufacturer face to face,Wholesale CE High Quality Pump Spray Bottle Factory & Supplier Price - Xumin.

When you search “High Quality Seamless Stainless Steel Tube Company Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe for Fluid Tube | XINHANG“or”High Quality Steel Truss Building Factories Cold Formed Steel Small Prefab Shed | Hongji Shunda” in Google, you will get a lot of contacts from mold manufacturers in China, I suggest you send RFQs to 5 or more mold makers, then you can compare their price, they react speed, their professional support. Normally the mold manufacturer arranges an engineer or a sales who have the engineering background to contact you,High Quality Insulated Glass Unit Manufacturers folding shower door /sliding glass panel shower door | Xinxingye.China Woven Vinyl Flooring Factory & Exporter Wood alternative eco-friendly plastic SPC deck residential soundproofing for floors | Lingdian Wood company, mold experience will help a lot in communication and avoid misunderstanding in engineering. it will save lots of time and cost. when you decide to work with one mold manufacturer, I suggest to visit them on site, then you can check their facility and talk to them face to face. if time or budget is limited, then you can ask for some reference customers from your own country who are dealing with them,Supply OEM Custom Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh Supplier & Manufacturer Quotes - Hua Guang.

Sositar mould is a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We have more than 100 customers all over the world. most of them come from European and US.

Let us share some interaction between Sositar mould and customers all over the world.

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mold steels

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Due to the enormous diversity of plastic materials and the widely varied requirements for plastic products, various requirements for the performance ofLtdsteel have been laid down. Therefore, many industrially developed countries have created an extensive range of plastic mold steel series, including carbon steel, carburized plastic mold steel, aging hardening plastic mold steel, corrosion resistant plastic mold steel, free machining plastic mold steel, through-hardening plastic mold steel, maraging plastic mold steel and mirror polishing plastic mold steel, etc.

Plastic injection Molds can be classified into 5 classes by service cycle, and they impose the following requirements on steel materials:

According to the length of mold life, molds can be classified into 5 classes. Class 1 mold runs 1 million or more shots, class 2 mold runs 0.5 – 1 million shots, class 3 mold runs 0.3 – 0.5 million shots, class 4 mold runs 0.1 – 0.3 million shots, and class 5 mold runs less than 0.1 million shots.

Class 1 and class 2 molds require the steel materials that can be harden up, with a hardness around HRC50, or the molds will wear easily, leading to out-of-tolerance injection molded products. As a result,China Temporary Fence Panels Factories PVC Vinyl fence for gardens, home fence, public construction | Hua Guang. Of course, there are some other considerations, too.

Usually,Custom Silicone Bake Mold Manufacturers Wholesale smoking accessories portable mini silicone cigarette ashtray | Jution Silicone & Rubber Co., Ltd; American 420 and H13; European 2316, 2344 and 2083 and Japanese SKD61.Wholesale Cheap High Quality Atomizer Perfume Bottle Suppliers & Manufacturers Quotes - LINEARNUO, S136, 2316 and 420 steels are normally chosen. In addition to S136, 2316 and 420 steels, low corrosion plastics can also choose SKD61, NAK80, PAK90 and 718M steels. Product appearance also has a great influence on the mold materials. S136, 2316, 718S, NAK80, PAK90 and 420 steel materials are suitable for transparent and mirror polishing products,China Wireless Room Thermostat Manufacturers Indoor UV LED Mosquito Killer Bulb 6W | P.J.S Technology Co.,Ltd, and secondarily the 420 steel materials.

Class 3 molds mostly use pre-hardened steels, such as S136H, 2316H, 718H and 083H, with a hardness ranging from HB270 to 340.

Class 4 and class 5 molds usually use the P20, 718, 738, 618, 2311 and 2711 steel materials. For molds with extremely low requirements, S50C and 45# steels may be used, i.e. creating a cavity directly in the mold base

The spec. of plastic injection mold steel

1.USA standard:  AISI


P1-P19:Low Carbon Steel

P20-P39:Low Carbon, High Alloy Steel

2XX,3XX,4XX,6XX:Stainless Steel

H1-H19:Chromium base

Wx:Water Hardening Steel

Sx:Shock Resisting Steel

Ox:Oil Hardening Steel

Ax:Air Hardening Steel

Dx:High Carbon, High Chromium Steel

Mx:Molybdenum base (H.S.S.)

2.German standard:  DIN


1.2738:Low carbon, high alloy (P20)

1.2311:Low carbon, high alloy (P20)

1.2312:Low carbon, high alloy, free Machine (P20)

1.2083:Stainless Steel (420)

1.2316:High performance stainless Steel (420)

1.2343:Chromium base (H11)

1.2344:Chromium base (H13)

1.2510:Low alloy steel (O1)

1.2379:High carbon, high chromium steel (D2)

3.Japan standard: JIS


SxxC:Plain Carbon steel(S55C)

SUSxx:Stainless Steel (420)

SCrx:Chromium Steel

SCMx:Chromium Molybdenum Steel(P20)

SKx:Carbon Tool Steel

SKSx:Low Alloy Steel (- O1)

SKD11:Medium High Alloy Steel(D2)

SKD6:Medium High Alloy Steel(H11)

SKD61:Medium High Alloy Steel(H13)

SKHxx:High Speed Steel (M 2)

SUMx:Free Cutting Steel

SUJx:Bearing Steel

mold steels

Common imported mold steels and their parameters & performance

ASSAB STAVAXESR-S136– Highly abrasion/corrosion resistant pre-hardened mirror finish steel

  • The status of Ex-factory︰ HB215
  • Equivalent to Buderus standard︰ 2316
  • Equivalent to Bohler standard︰ M310
  • Equivalent to Hitachi standard︰ HPM38
  • Equivalent to DAIDO standard︰ PAK90
  • OEM/ODM Cement Roof Board Manufacturers SS304 Material Stainless Steel U Channel | Shenzhen Changye Building
  • High Quality Hydrostatic Tester Factories Featured Product: Haze made in china | Drick Instruments
  • China Supply Custom Steel Shed Factories & Manufacturers Price - Hongji Shunda
  • Custom Fire Nozzle Exporters Stone-grill Extinguisher | Sino-Mech Hardware Co. Ltd
  • Polish︰ ★★★★★
  • China Makeup Containers Company Customized luxury empty cosmetic acrylic circular shape 15g plastic jars for creams | Xumin
  • Product Description: The high grade stainless tool steel that possesses excellent anti-corrosion, polishing, anti-abrasion and machining properties. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) can create good mirror finishing effects and high quality surface finish; great stability will be showed when hardening. The cavity is able to maintain the original smoothness despite long-term mold production. Special care is not needed when the mold is operated or stored in a moist environment. So, it is recommended for molds that have high polishing requirements, as well as corrosive plastic molds.

ASSAB 8407– High grade hot-work tool steel

  • The status of Ex-factory︰ HB 185
  • Equivalent to Buderus standard︰ 2344ESR
  • Equivalent to Hitachi standard︰ DAC
  • Equivalent to DAIDO standard︰ DHA1
  • OEM/ODM Cement Roof Board Manufacturers SS304 Material Stainless Steel U Channel | Shenzhen Changye Building
  • High Quality Hydrostatic Tester Factories Featured Product: Haze made in china | Drick Instruments
  • Supply OEM Custom Steel Structure Stadium Factory & Supplier Price - Hongji Shunda
  • Product Description: The Cr-Mo-V tool steel is a high-Supply OEM/ODM Custom Acrylic Bottle Factory & Manufacturer Price - Xumin. The isotropy (physical properties are identical in all directions.)Wholesale Cheap High Quality Steel Structure Construction Factory & Supplier Price - Hongji Shunda, which brings great benefits of mechanical fatigue resistant and thermal stress fatigue resistant properties to the molds like die casting molds, forging molds and extrusion molds etc. As a result,Supply Skincare Containers Factory & Exporter Factory High Quality Clear Wide-mouth PP Jar 150ml Plastic Slime Container | Xumin. The high hardness is able to reduce the occurrence of crazing, thus improve mold life cycle. So, it is applicable for various die casting metal molds, extrusion molds, and plastic molds that have requirements for high quality.

ASSAB 718HH— High-polishing pre-hardened precision plastic mold steel

  • The status of Ex-factory︰ HB 330-370
  • Equivalent to Buderus standard︰ 2711
  • OEM/ODM Cement Roof Board Manufacturers SS304 Material Stainless Steel U Channel | Shenzhen Changye Building
  • High Quality Hydrostatic Tester Factories Featured Product: Haze made in china | Drick Instruments
  • Custom Fire Nozzle Exporters Stone-grill Extinguisher | Sino-Mech Hardware Co. Ltd
  • High Quality Excellent Touch Pos Terminal Company 12.1 inch Full aluminum Fanless POS machine, Slim touch pos all in one,Dual core atom D2550 POS system with Printer terminal | Chengdu Zenghong Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.
  • China Steel Fence Post Suppliers temporary swimming pool wire fence | Hua Guang
  • Product Description: The pre-hardened Cr-Ni-Mo plastic mold steel that is produced under vacuum melting for improved properties.OEM/ODM Steel Warehouse Building Factories Pre engineered steel build construction steel fabrication workshop buildings design | Hongji Shunda, it has undergone the hardening and tempering processes, so there is no risk of quenching cracks or heat treating deformation, because it does not need heat treatment, but employs nitrogentreatment and flame hardening treatment to enhance the surface hardness and abrasion resistance of the molds. The excellent polishing and anti-abrasion properties allow it to be used for thermal plastic injection molds and extrusion molds, high polishing plastic product molds, as well as blow molds, forming molds, structural components and shafts, etc.

DAIDO NAK80 –Pre-hardened mirror surface precision plastic mold steel

  • The status of Ex-factory︰ HRC37-43
  • Equivalent to Hitachi standard︰ HPM50
  • OEM/ODM Cement Roof Board Manufacturers SS304 Material Stainless Steel U Channel | Shenzhen Changye Building
  • High Quality Hydrostatic Tester Factories Featured Product: Haze made in china | Drick Instruments
  • Custom Fire Nozzle Exporters Stone-grill Extinguisher | Sino-Mech Hardware Co. Ltd
  • High Quality Excellent Touch Pos Terminal Company 12.1 inch Full aluminum Fanless POS machine, Slim touch pos all in one,Dual core atom D2550 POS system with Printer terminal | Chengdu Zenghong Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.
  • China Steel Fence Post Suppliers temporary swimming pool wire fence | Hua Guang
  • Product Description: The pre-hardened steel (36-43 HRC) can be machined directly without heat treatment. Its hardness is quite uniform from the surface to the core with great machinability; possesses excellent electrical discharge machinability, and very easy to grind after EDM because the uniform surface hardness and lower white layer hardness are ensured after EDM; good mirror polishing features; excellent welding performance; great etching properties; and dimensional stability,High Quality Steel Frame Factory Building Direct Price Steel Structure Framed Commercial Office Building, Structural Steel Truss Prefab Construction with Drawing | Hongji Shunda. As restricted by its chemical components, this steel material is quite brittle. When used for complicated molds, cracks tend to appear on the area where processing stress concentrates. Due to its high thermal sensitivity, preheating, heat reservation, post weld heat treatment (PWHT) and stress relieving treatment are required during welding, or weld failure might occur. What’s worth noting is that when treating temperature exceeds 520℃, dimensional changes can take place.

DAIDO DHA1– High performance hot-work tool steel JISSKD61

  • The status of Ex-factory︰ HB229
  • Equivalent to Buderus standard︰ 2344
  • Equivalent to Bohler standard︰ W302
  • Equivalent to hitachi standard︰ DAC
  • Equivalent to ASSAB standard︰ 8402
  • OEM/ODM Cement Roof Board Manufacturers SS304 Material Stainless Steel U Channel | Shenzhen Changye Building
  • High Quality Hydrostatic Tester Factories Featured Product: Haze made in china | Drick Instruments
  • China Supply Custom Steel Shed Factories & Manufacturers Price - Hongji Shunda
  • Custom Fire Nozzle Exporters Stone-grill Extinguisher | Sino-Mech Hardware Co. Ltd
  • Polish︰ ★★☆☆☆
  • Product Description: The DAIDO DHA1 steel is widely used for Mg & Al die casting molds. As a common hot-work mold steel, it possesses great machinability and balanced heat resistant features. DHA1 is mainly used for Mg & Al die casting molds, related parts of die casting molds, hot stamping molds, hot extrusion molds and hot shearing blades, etc.

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China Steel Wire Fence Direct Price The plastic base temporary fence for swimming pool | Hua Guang

1,How the Hot Runner System Works?

The cold runner of aOEM/ODM Mosquito Killer Lamp Quotes & Price New product IP67 Waterproof LED Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Rechargeable Outdoor Insects Flies Pest Killer with Solar Panel | Ming Yurefers to the section between the mold inlet and the gate. The molten plastic maintains its fluidity inside the runner by virtue of the injection pressure and its own heat. However, as a part of the molding material, the runner is not a product. As a result, when designing a mold, we need to consider not only the filling effects, but also the material-saving effect produced by shortening or downsizing the runner; but in actuality, it is not easy for us to have the best of both worlds.this is why we need hot runner mold

Also known as the runner-less system, the hot runner is a system in which the molten plastic is not solidified after each injection, so when releasing the plastic part, the gate inside the runner does not have to be released. Since the plastic inside the runner is not solidified, the runner still stays unblocked when the next injection takes place.

hot runner system

2,The advantage of Hot Runner Molds compare to cold runner molds

Why has the hot runner system been developed? What benefits can the hot runner system bring us?Wholesale Plastic Injection Mold Company OEM customized high precision steel metal die casting mold | MEIXING:

a.Hard to fill; b. thin-walled large size parts easy to deform; c. material waste in the runner; d. inconsistent plastic part quality when using a multi-cavity mold, and so forth.

The appearance of the hot runner system has provided an almost perfect solution for these problems. Generally speaking, the hot runner system offers the following benefits:

■ Shorter cycle time

As it is not limited by the runner cooling time, the plastic part can be ejected in a timely manner after being molded and solidified. For the production of thin-walled small parts, the molding cycle can be kept within 5s.

■ Material saving

In a complete hot runner mold, material waste will not occur thanks to the absence of aOEM/ODM Metal Framing Suppliers low cost prefabricated light steel frame house/steel structure prefab house | Shenzhen Changye Building. This is of a greater significance to the application projects of the more costly plastic materials. As a matter of fact, global major hot runner manufacturers had witnessed leap forward development during the years when world crude oil and raw plastic materials were expensive. This is because the hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce waste materials and thus lower raw material costs.

■ Reducing defective products, and improving product quality

The temperature of the molten plastic inside the runner system can be accurately controlled during the hot runnerCustom Homeuse Mosquito Killer Lamp Suppliers Electronic Bug Zapper Mosquito Repellent Inhaler photocatalyst solar insect zapper | Ming Yu, so that the plastic is able to flow into each cavity in a more consistent manner, thus guaranteeing consistent quality products.China Steel Structures Warehouse Company Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows bi Fold Door Manufacturer | Hongji Shunda, so after mold release, the part produced will have a smaller internal stress, leading to a smaller part deformation. Therefore,China CE OEM/ODM Glass Honey Jar Factory & Manufacturer Price - Yanjia.

■ Eliminating following steps, helpful for production automation

After being molded with a hot runner mold, the part will be the final product, so there will be no follow-up steps like gate trimming, recycling and runner cooling, thus helpful for production automation. Many manufacturers from both home and abroad have combined the hot runner system with automation, so as to greatly improve production efficiency.

3,The Hot Runner system types

  1. The mold that employs a hot sprue for direct or indirect material feeding, is referred to as a hot sprue mold.

direct hot runner

2,The mold that is designed with a hot runner manifold and a secondary hot sprue, is referred to as a hot runner mold.

indirect hot runner

Examples of hot sprue molds

(1) The hot sprue mold structure that feeds materials through the point gate. It is only suitable for the single-cavity mold, and is limited by the gate location.

point tip hot runner

2) The hot sprue mold structure with the end surface engaged in injection molding. It is suitable for the single-cavity mold, but sprue marks will be left on the part surface. The end surface of the hot sprue is machinable.

The hot sprue mold structure with the end surface hot runner

(3) The hot sprue/cold runner mold structure with a bit of the traditional runner features. This structure is able to produce multiple plastic parts at the same time, but some cold slugs will be produced.

The hot sprue/cold runner mold structure

Besides open gate hot runner as above,Now people start to choose valve gate hot runner for high class product.

What is valve gate hot runner system ?

Mount the hot sprue and the manifold into the injection mold, and then by way of heating, keep the fluidity of the plastic material after it is out of the barrel. The result is, the product gate seems to be able to contact with the nozzle directly. So, when releasing the product, the sprue is closed under the action of the needle valve. The application of one or more cold runners is thus avoided, realizing wasteless production.

valve gate hot runner

The advantages of the valve gate hot runner system include:

  • Shorten production cycle, improve production efficiency;
  • Since the cold runner is replaced, cold slugs will not be produced, thus saving a large amount of raw materials;
  • Improve product consistency, free from obvious gate marks;
  • Remarkably improve product appearance;
  • Help reduce product stress, minimize product deformation and structural brittleness, so the production capacity and life cycle of complex products are improved;
  • Offer more process control, allow accurate adjustment to the injection molding process;
  • Not limited by the change of plastic injection molding materials.

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High Quality Cosmetic Pet Bottle Factories biodegradable jars FJ-BR 20g nutella weekly pack mini jars mini jar FJ-AH 50g cute cosmetic pots empty makeup compact container | Xumin

ForWAFER TYPE BUTTERFLY CHECK VALVEdesign, one of the most important factors is how and where the gate should be located. As the mold opening, the gate is where the molten plastic flows into the final part. It serves as the boundary between the part and the scrap, so its location, size, and shape play an important role in how everything should be constructed, from structural integrity to exterior appearance of the finished product.Below is gate type we often choose:

DirectGate(Sprue gate):

1. Little pressure loss;
2. Easy preparation.

1. High stress around the gate;
2. Gate (runner) needs to be trimmed manually;
3. Obvious gate scars will be left on the surface.

1. Suitable for production of large and deep barrel-shaped plastic parts. However, warping can easily occur due to contractibility   and stress when applied on shallow and flat plastic parts.

2,For plastic parts that do not allow gate marks on the exterior, the gate can be designed on the inner surface of the parts.

Side Gate:

1. Simple structure, easy processing;
2. Easier to remove the gate.

1. Automatic separation of the part and the gate is not allowed;
2. Gate marks are easily left on the plastic part.

1. Gate width W = (1.5~5.0)mm. Usually W = 2H, which may be appropriately increased for large and transparent plastic parts.
2. Height H = (0.5~1.5)mm. Specifically speaking, usually H = (0.4~0.6)d for commonly seen ABS and HIPS. Among them, d refers to the basic wall thickness of the plastic part; H = (0.6~0.8)d for materials with poor fluidity, like PC and PMMA; the suggested gate height for POM and PA is H = (0.6~0.8)d, so as to help avoid shrink marks and wrinkles by guaranteeing sufficient pressure holding, because though these materials possess good fluidity, they become solid very fast with larger contractibility; for materials like PE and PP, gate height H = (0.4~  0.5)d, because the small-sized gate is helpful for molten plastic shear thinning, thus reducing stickiness.

1. Suitable for production of plastic parts of various shapes,China Cheap OEM/ODM Light Weight Steel Structure Suppliers & Manufacturers Quotes - Hongji Shunda-shaped parts.

Tab Gate:

1. It is a form evolved form the side gate, so it shares the various advantages of the side gate;
2. It is a typical impingement gate that can effectively prevent molten plastic jetting.

1. Automatic separation of the part and the gate is not  allowed;
2. Obvious gate scars are easily left on the surface.

Refer to the side gate parameters for application.

Suitable for flat plastic parts that impose requirements on surface finish.

Fan Gate:

1. The horizontal distribution of the molten plastic is more uniform when passing through the gate, helpful for reduction of plastic part stress;
2. Lower the possibility of air getting into the cavity, to avoid the occurrence of defects, like silver lines and bubbles, etc.

1. Automatic separation of the part and the gate is not allowed;
2. Long gate marks are left on the edge of the plastic part, which need to be flattened by a tool.

1. The commonly used height H = (0.25~1.60) mm;
2. Width W = 8.00 mm to ¼ of the cavity width at the gate end.
3. The section area of the gate should be larger than that of the sub-runner.

Usually used for production of wide but thin plastic parts, as well as transparent plastic parts and those with poor fluidity, like PC and PMMA, etc.


1.OEM/ODM Heavy Steel Structure Suppliers Steel structure small shed building prefab workshop | Hongji Shunda;

Automatic separation of the part and the gate is allowed;
3. Smaller gate marks;
4. Applicable for both 2-plate and 3-plate molds.

1. Plastic powder is easily dragged at the gate position;
2. Stress mark is easily created at water entry;
3. Plastic films need to be sheared manually;
4. Great pressure loss from the gate to the cavity.

1. Gate diameter d = 0.8~1.5mm;
2. The plastic flow direction and the vertical direction form an angle a between 30°and 60°;
3. The taper b is between 15° and 25°;
4. Distance to the cavity A = (1.5~3.0)mm.

Suitable for plastic parts that do not allow exposed gate marks on the exterior. For a multi cavity mold, the resistances from the gate to each cavity should be kept as close as possible,OEM/ODM Tires Quotes & Price Sunshine Premium multi function home 4pcs hand garden tools | Scojet Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd..

Banana Gate:

1. Automatic separation of the part and the gate is allowed;
2. The gate area does not need additional processing;
3. No gate marks will be left on the exterior of the plastic parts.

1. Stress marks may show on the surface;
2. Complicated processing;
3. Easily broken and thus blocking the gate if not appropriately designed.

1. Gate diameter at water entry end d = (Φ0.8~Φ1.2) mm, length = (1.0~1.2) mm;
2. A = approx. 2.5D;
3. Φ2.5min* refers to the gradual transition from the large end 0.8Dto the small end Φ2.5.

Normally used for ABS and HIPS, suitable for neither crystalline materials like POM and PBT, nor high-rigidity materials like PC and PMMA, so as to avoid the curvy runner from being broken and thus blocking the gate.

Point Gate:

1.OEM/ODM Heavy Steel Structure Suppliers Steel structure small shed building prefab workshop | Hongji Shunda;
2. Automatic separation of the part and the gate is allowed;
3. Smaller gate marks;
4. Low stress around the gate.

1. High injection pressure;
2. Complicated structure, usually employing the 3-plate structure.

1. Usually the gate diameter d = (0.8~1.5) mm;
3.The gate length L = (0.8~1.2) mm;
4. To help pull the gate broken from the root, a taper should be set for the gate, a = approx. 15°~20°;

the gate andWholesale Cheap High Quality Candle Glass Jar Supplier & Manufacturer Quotes - Yanjiaare joined by arc R1 to ensure that the plastic part is not damaged when pulling the point gate broken; R2 = (1.5~2.0) mm; R3 = (2.5~3.0) mm; height h = (0.6~0.8) mm.

Usually used for the production of large plates and bottom cases. The proper distribution of gate can help reduce the flow distance of molten plastic and thus guarantee satisfactory distribution of melting marks; also able to be used for production of long barrel-shaped plastic parts to improve ventilation.

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